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Dining Room Interior DesignThe client’s vision for this private estate, which is located in Tierra Verde, FL, was for the dining room interior design to reflect generations of family legacy, their life’s philosophies, and travels.

Our client and their family, plan to own this home for generations, which is just how we planned the interior design. One hundred years ago, people desired to build a legacy with their homes. This home is in that tradition.

To accomplish this, we decided to embrace the home’s past. We brought our client’s imagination and heritages into a traditional setting without it looking out of place or dated.

As an interior designer, I like to mix and match furnishings from different parts of the world. The key is to ensure that the scale is right so everything is proportionate, while giving each piece the space to speak for itself.

To achieve the family legacy, the design needed to be genuine, authentic, charming and beautifully detailed. It was important to showcase the stately window treatments and family tapestry heirlooms to reflect decades of family heritage.

To obtain a more authentic look, different materials were used to create a “smoother” texture. The fabrics used for the curtains and upholstery are very opulent fabrics – heavily embroidered, velvet and damask. The wall paint colors are deep and rich, that reflect historical color ranges.

The original family chairs were reupholstered and the furniture was refinished to express memories. The unexpected focal point is the hanging elaborate and ornate hand carved art that reflects their exotic travel destinations. The wall sconces showcase the window treatments and carving. Additionally the ambient lighting gives the illusion of a larger room.

The client was ecstatic with the overwhelming feel of comfort, love and memories.

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