Lounge Design Ideas

Intuiting mood is one of the most important elements in lounge design. This design offers an atmosphere low on pretension and high on relaxation. The ideas developed into the plan emphasized sleek and clean lines grounded by soft, rich textural variations. Details that show sexy curves and angles were incorporated to enhance the design.

To create a signature environment, we showcased the chandelier by balancing elegance and harmony with a timeless and versatile design.

We added space and depth to the room by placing a textured modular paneled wall at one end and a floor mount mirror at the other. By adding the mirror, it gives the reflection of the gulf view in the room.The soothing and sophisticated interior space connected to the dramatic view is embraced.

Neutral walls are the best way to give the gorgeous breathtaking panoramic view the attention it deserves. Without any competing color, the waterfront view becomes a focal point.

A rich but reduced palette of earthy fabric and custom wood contrasts with the fine detailing of the interior. This anchors the residence against the airy, light aspect created by the gulf view.

The lounge is so inviting and irresistible… stories are waiting to be told and memories waiting to be unfolded. Our client is located in Crystal Beach Fl.

Lounge Design Ideas

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