Mountain Retreat

The client, located in Eagle Rock, PA, envisioned their home to be as spectacular, majestic and beautiful as their natural surroundings. They wanted the ambiance of a sophisticated comfortable interpretation of mountain living.

We are seeing a trend toward comfort and easy living. Our firm has always invested in15-Mountain Retreat creating peaceful places. The home’s aesthetic design is a thoughtful combination of rustic materials bringing together the inviting warmth of a beautiful, woodsy getaway.

Recycled materials have become the rage in recent years as a sign of design integrity and environmental sensitivity. These are essential elements. The challenge is to simply let them express themselves. All the furnishings were selected for comfort and a splash of drama. Pairing rustic materials with elegant, minimalist shapes creates a look is authentic and true.

We gave the project a sense of authenticity and timelessness by using abandoned building materials from the region. This could have been done with new wood stained to look old, but it would not have been nearly as successful. The salvaged barn slates that were to be dismantled were redesigned to be a screen divider. To depict the majestic expressions of the deer and bear, we had an artist shadow the animals on the screen.

We chose pieces that reflect the feel of the area, such as the antique side table with faux antlers as the base, reflecting the mountain wildlife. The house is thoughtfully tailored to its mountain environment.

Mountain Retreat BedroomA deer skin wrapped cornice board was custom designed by delicately etching a deer, elk and bear onto the faux skin. Adding the softness of the leather as the background adds a contrast for the etchings; introducing the subtle depicts of the animals faces making the cornice board even more interesting. The cornice board doubles as an art piece. It is strong, handsome and sophisticated as rustic design should be.

The custom chair structured with an up-cycled antique ladder back is not only rustic but also unique. True to mountain form, the wood embraces the tradition of the mountains. The relationship to nature is ultimately what connects the chair to a sense of timelessness.

It is, “the things that don’t catch your eye,” that is essential to achieving this authentic atmosphere. What makes this house look so beautiful is the detailing. The dynamic mix of contrasting textures and tones plays an uncommonly sophisticated role of nature in the home. The design is timeless and evocative that provides an atmosphere that reflects family while being respectful of the forest around us. We wanted the interiors to have a classic, timeless feel with a strong sense of the mountains.

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