Presidents Landing Lansbrook

The twist of traditional and contemporary design, located in Presidents Landing Palm Harbor, Florida offers effortless sophistication with modern appeal. The interior dining room style takes a fresh new approach to transitional design.

The accent color takes the traditional element of the wood dining table and solar shades and balances it with the contemporary elements like the geometric lines in the drapery. The mirrored wall gives a limitless depth to the room. The glass and metallic accents bring shine, elegance and a natural beauty into the room.

The design indulges in the luxury of creating visually larger, brighter spaces by spreading natural light on the mirrored angled wall. The mirror helps direct sunlight during the day, while atPresidents Landing Lansbrook night it becomes a reflection of the gorgeous cascading chandelier.The fusion of elements incorporates the delicate refined aesthetics uniting into a more inviting space.

While the hues of the wall and draperies are meant to blend, the light fixture is meant to be the focal point. Transitional lighting plays a key role in defining the ambiance of a room, offering an opulent feel of sophistication.

The chandelier is as innovative in design as our clients are unique.

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