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Our process to develop your interior design strategy is specifically divided into seven developmental stages. This helps us to achieve our goal which is to successfully capture and deliver our client’s vision. Our experienced design team uses this strategy to focus on each detail to ensure that our client’s vision becomes a reality. This unique approach is what makes Stafford Interior Design one of the most respected interior design firms. The following describes our process:

Design Phase – Our design strategy outlines all phases of project development to ensure a well managed and interior design experience.
Program Phase – Pre-design is critical in determining the layout of details. This includes: the client’s aesthetic style, levels of function and budget requirement. This step provides the project’s structure and the timeline.
Conception Phase – Develops the preliminary design ideas, color schemes, space planning and finish selections. Once approved by the client, we proceed to final decision making.
Development Phase – The developing stage builds on the projects design and function working in a balance of symmetry.
Document Phase – The project plan is reviewed by both client and designer and any remaining detail changes are made and final approval is achieved.
Detail Phase – Production of required specifications are coordinated including: construction, electrical, plumbing, flooring, cabinetry, paint and finishes.
Realizing Phase – The design team is customizing the final interior detailing. The details inspire the experience of luxury living creating inviting spaces that are inspired and timeless.

The art scene is a replica of Pebble Beach Golf Course in California. The client is a golf enthusiast. The artist hand painted the golf course in full detail on the ceiling of a home office located in Madeira Beach, Fl.

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